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Update July 11 - 2010 Pro's Or Con's "The Carb Rotation Diet -WeightLoss Program" By Health Experts

The The Carb Rotation Diet is designed by Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter, Carb Rotation Diet is said, can help you lose weight FAST, safely and permanently. He claim the program can make you lose 2lbs a week if you follow this program for 30 days and some have even managed to lose 15 lbs. His principles in the program are as follows:
The concept
The Carb Rotation Diet has a 3-day cycles.
Day 1 is a high carb/mid protein & vegetables day; Day 2 is a low carb/mid protein & vegetables day;
Day 3 is a no carb/all protein & vegetables day.
Day 4-Day 6 is a repeat of Day 1 to Day 3
Since most diet programs only work for some and not for the others, please read the arguments of each weight loss specialist and make your choices before purchasing.

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How to Get Rid of My Gut? Carb Rotation Diet & Cardio Exercises For a Flat Stomach
By Anna Holman

It is always advisable to combine workouts and carb rotation diet for eliminating your gut. Most people develop bulging stomachs due to excess intake of junk food, beer, depression and stress. They look funny with their hanging flab. No one wants to keep those extra pounds in their belly. They undergo very low calorie diet to shed their guts. Low calorie diets are equivalent to starvation that can make your body prone to various diseases. In order to lose weight healthily you should combine workouts, carb rotation and Acai Berry diet.

Obese people also undergo surgeries for shedding those extra pounds. You should try to engender metabolism from within in order to stimulate fat loss. Good nutrition and workouts are extremely beneficial for shedding those extra pounds from your stomach. In order to obtain a flat tummy; you should drink plenty of water. Water not only hydrates your body but also keeps your digestive tract clean. Consuming water rejuvenates your overall body.

Importance of Carb Rotation Diet and Cardio Exercise

* Carb rotation diet is extremely important for people who can't stick to a monotonous diet plan. It is an exciting process for increasing your metabolism. The combination of high and low calorie diet produces lots of metabolisms in your body, which consequently stimulates fat burning.

* Green colored vegetables and fruits are considered as high quality metabolism boosters. They are high fibrous foods, which help our body to discard harmful substances easily.

* You can also perform cardio workouts such as walking, cycling etc., for engendering metabolism in your body. In order to get rid of your gut, you should perform these workouts regularly.

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